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I am here to support you!

Kickstarting your personal and business journey from sustainability to regenerative!

Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed with the sustainability requirements for your business?

Have you heard the phrase ‘regenerative sustainability’ and need some clarity about its relevance to you?

Is your organisation Regenerative?

I support people and organisations to move from sustainability to regenerative.

Championing Sustainability

For over fifteen years, Anna Williamson has delivered strategic design consultancy services, leading in energy and carbon reduction, with an extensive background in supporting clients to design and deliver a brief.

Anna has evolved her regenerative practice to incorporate biophilic feasibility surveys, housing design & specification and circular economy practice to ensure each action is delivered with the intention of doing more good for the planet rather than merely reducing environmental impact.

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“My workshops support collaboration system-wide, leading cross-functional teams to shape and deliver your regenerative sustainability strategy, goals and objectives.”

How Can We Collaborate Today?

Thoughts to consider….

How do you determine what Regenerative means to you?  Is it setting a Science Based Target (SBT)?  Is it deploying an (Environmental Social Governance) ESG strategy?  Is it outsourcing a Sustainability Roadmap?

How could you align your approaches and roadmap to your understanding of regenerative?

How are your organisation’s carbon reduction, biodiversity, water conservation approaches regenerative?

How Can I Support You?

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Consultancy packages begin with an initial conversation, followed by workshop days online or in person with your senior leadership team, expanding to all levels of the business.

Our colleagues work across the UK, North America and Europe.